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IDD from The Chartered Insurance Institute

Under IDD all staff involved in the distribution of insurance products will be expected to complete 15 hours of CPD each year and demonstrate minimum levels of competency and knowledge in specific core areas.

The CIIs IDD portal provides:


Pre-set IDD pathways to cover core training


Assessment facility to test competency levels


IDD reporting system


Integrated authoring tool to allow the creation of specific product training


400+ role-specific product training modules


Integrated CPD that automatically adds and displays learning hours

The IDD portal can be integrated into any organisation regardless of size and complexity using one of the 3 solutions; Assess, Assess+ and Hosted content only.

Features     Assess
The simple solution to meet minimum IDD training requirements
For companies with more complex requirements and/or typically those with greater than 200 employees
Hosted content only
Where a company has a third party LMS and only want access to the IDD specific content
IDD Training check check check
IDD knowledge assessments check check check
Free content updates check check check
Build your own content check check check
Host third party content remove check reremoveec
Build custom pathways check check check
Reporting check check remove1
CPD recording tool check check remove2
Mobile/tablet friendly check check check
Mobile App check check remove
T&C workflows remove check remove
Event Management remove check remove
Helpdesk / Webinars check check check
Own Branding remove check remove3
Data-feed to/from HR system remove check remove
Single Sign On remove check remove
3rd party LMS link remove check check
Launch content via 3rd party LMS remove remove check
CII Seal of approval check check check

1 subject to your existing LMS reporting capabilities

2 limited to only the reporting of hours and the capabilities of your existing LMS, full CPD tools feature not available

3 the content is generically branded, the admin area of the hosted content administrator portal will be branded, any other branding is subject to your existing LMS

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